IHC - Open Hapkido European Championships

1. & 2. Juni 2024 Lutherstadt Wittenberg

The International Hapkido Cooperation e.V. organizes the IHC Hapkido European Championships every two years. This open-style Hapkido championship serves to improve understanding and cooperation between Hapkidoin in Europe and is intended to deepen the friendship between Hapkido masters and their students. Competitors from the European nations have the opportunity to compete in fair, sporting and cooperative competitions and to represent the sport of Hapkido. All Hapkido clubs, associations and schools in Europe are cordially invited to participate. The masters are encouraged to send their best starters to the European Championships as representatives of their association or club. Non-European nations are also admitted to these championships and are cordially invited.

Hier könnt Ihr Euch das Regelwerk in Deutsch herunterladen.

You can download the OEC-Regulations in English here.

IHC – Open Hapkido European Championships June 2024

5 thoughts on “IHC – Open Hapkido European Championships June 2024

  • 14. December 2023 at 12:58

    Es ist die beste und schönste Kultur- und Sportveranstaltung. Wie kann ich mich bitte in die Teilnehmerliste eintragen und wo?

    • 18. March 2024 at 3:26

      Bonjour Madame ou Monsieur

      Nous voulons participer à travers le monde tout sorte de compétions de Hapkido pour le bien être et développement de notre style au Congo Brazzaville et à travers le monde.

  • 14. December 2023 at 12:59

    It is the best and most beautiful cultural and sporting event. Please, how can I register for the list of participants and where??

    • 28. March 2024 at 11:39

      My self Master Kanwar Singh
      Combat self defence federation (India)
      Permission for participation your hapkido championship
      Request for permission
      With regards


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