The International Hapkido Cooperation (IHC), under the direction of Grandmaster Franz-Josef Wolf, organized a comprehensive weapons training course on March 16th and 17th, 2024. The sports hall was well attended by a total of 30 participants from Germany, the Netherlands, and Belgium, and the subject matter provided ample opportunity for all participants to engage in activities.

During the course, introductions were given to the following five weapon arts: Short stick / Medium stick / Long stick / Tonfa / Knife

With the approximately 30-centimeter short stick, joint precision exercises were performed, where participants aimed to target their partner’s training weapon deliberately. In addition to obvious attacks, the lever-enhancing effects of the short stick were primarily used to make self-defense techniques more efficient and to practice. Finally, the first part of a longer short stick form was practiced.

The medium stick, which is approximately 80-120 centimeters long, was also used in a traditional form. With such a weapon, unlike the short stick, other techniques and levers can be applied, such as twisting the opponent’s knees or fixing an arm. To deepen the handling of the medium stick, dexterity exercises were also offered, where the weapon was rotated around the hand and between the fingers. The performed form included, among other things, hand changes and various rotations.

The long stick, with a length of about 180 centimeters, is used in many martial arts worldwide. A combat form with long sticks was taught in pairs, performed together and representing a choreography of a long stick fight. In addition, self-defense and disarming techniques were taught.

Tonfas are quite exotic weapons that offer diverse handling possibilities due to their unique shape. Especially thrusts, strikes, and choking techniques can be performed with this very flexible weapon. With a length of about 50 centimeters, tonfas offer similar lever possibilities as short and medium sticks.

Before the knife unit, a theoretical introduction preceded, showing different types of knives and explaining their modes of action. Since a knife attack poses an enormous danger, during the course, defense and targeted evasion with blunt training weapons made of rubber, wood, or metal were first trained. Finally, all participants completed a short knife form.

All participants expressed satisfaction with the course and intend to engage more intensively with the topic of weapon art in the future.

IHC weapons course in Aachen, March 2024
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