On the weekend of the 12th and 13th of November 2022, the European Championship of the International Hapkido Cooperation, IHC for short, was held in Tiel, Netherlands. The championship was organized by Martin Zingel & Pierre Van Bentum from Nederlandse Hapkido Bond, which is also part of the IHC.
Visitors and participants came from large parts of Europe – in addition to the Dutch, countries such as Germany, Austria, Belgium, Finland, Croatia and Turkey were also represented.
In total there were 175 starts of 110 participents in 9 categories and from 7 countrys!

Long Jump – Break Test – Sparing – Self Defense – Show – Sword Form
Longstick Form – Weapon Form – Weaponless Form

The main categories were divided into subcategories according to age and graduation in Budosport in order to ensure a competitive competition. For example, adults and young people are divided and then divided into master and student classes.

Held as an open championship, athletes from other martial arts and Budo sports were able to take part in the championship for the first time. This resulted in a wide variety of martial arts at the tournament, such as Silla Gum Do, Taekwondo or Nunchaku.
The championship passed without serious injuries or serious violations of the rules. All participants treated each other with respect as usual and spent the weekend together on and off the mat.

Following the award ceremonies of the Hapkido European Championship, awards were also given by the International Hapkido Cooperation (IHC). After careful voting, the IHC chooses and honors its speakers according to their grades and experience and awards appropriate titles and patches for their combat gear. An instructor honored by the IHC is thus authorized to offer and hold sports units as a speaker at international courses of the IHC.

In addition, the local organizers and organizers from the Netherlands received an award for the excellent preparation and implementation of the championship.

Grandmaster Franz Josef Wolf, President of the IHC and founder of Silla Gum Do, was again honored for his constant commitment by the leaders of the Nederlandse Hapkido Bond.

In general, the entire organization was very harmonious and long waits were avoided through efficient preparation.

An on-site catering service provided the participants and visitors with snacks and drinks.

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Results of the EM 2022:


Open European Hapkido Championships 2022 EN

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