Dear martial arts friends in Germany, Europe and the world,

we look forward to welcoming you to the 15th Open European Hapkido Championship in Germany in June.

This open-style Hapkido championship serves to improve understanding and cooperation between Hapkidoin in Europe and is intended to deepen the friendship between Hapkido masters and their students. Competitors from the European nations have the opportunity to compete in fair, sporting and cooperative competitions and to represent the sport of Hapkido.

All Hapkido clubs, associations and schools in Europe are cordially invited to participate. The masters are encouraged to send their best starters to the European Championships as representatives of their association or club. Non-European nations are also admitted to these championships and are cordially invited.

In addition to Hapkido martial artists, colleagues from related martial arts (e.g. Ju/Jiu Jitsu, Aikido or Taekwondo) are also expressly welcome.

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Greeting from Prime Minister Dr. Reiner Haseloff

on the occasion of the 15th European Open Hapkido Championships

Dear ladies and gentlemen
dear friends of sport,

I would like to welcome all guests from near and far to Lutherstadt Wittenberg. I would like to extend a special welcome to all the athletes and coaching staff. The Hapkido European Championships are being held in Saxony-Anhalt for the first time. I am delighted and would like to thank the host, SV Einheit Wittenberg, and the organiser, the International Hapkido Cooperation.
Hapkido is primarily intended to promote active personal development. Body and mind are equally addressed. It is about harmony, self-confidence and the right attitude. It is rightly said that martial arts cannot be consumed, they have to be lived. Last but not least, the Hapkido European Championship serves to improve mutual understanding and friendship.
Sporting competition takes centre stage. But I hope that you will also find the time to get to know Wittenberg and its many sights. As the starting point of the Reformation, Lutherstadt has a world-historical significance.
I wish all the competitors every success and our guests a pleasant stay in Lutherstadt Wittenberg. I would also like to expressly thank the many volunteers. They may work in the background, but without them such a major event would be inconceivable. I hope that the competitions will be watched by many spectators and that the European Championships will make Hapkido better known and more popular not only in Saxony-Anhalt.

Dr Reiner Haseloff
Prime Minister of the State of Saxony-Anhalt

General information

Organiser IHC:

The International Hapkido Corporation is a conglomeration of many Hapkido Schools across various European countries. Together we hold combined Training sessions, Teaching Seminars and Tournaments. We incorporate all styles of Hapkido, with a predominant goal of strengthening the Martial Art of Hapkido not only in Europe, but across the globe. We are striving for unity, open communication and a friendly, inclusive and professional association both on and off the mats.

Organiser SV Einheit Wittenberg:

Time & Place:

1 & 2 June 2024 Lutherstadt Wittenberg
Town hall Wittenberg - An der Stadthalle 1, 06886 Wittenberg


Friday, 31.05.2024 - Arrival

7 :00 pm Dinner Restaurant "Carpe Diem" (reservation via registration link; payment on site)

Saturday, 01.06.2024

8 :00 am Entry
Registration of competitors Weigh in for the competition classes

8:30 am Referee briefing

9:00 am Opening ceremony - Torsten Zugehör, Lord Mayor Lutherstadt Wittenberg

9:30 am Start of the fights in the Fight category youth

ca. 11:30 am Start of the fights in the Fight category adults

ca. 01:30 pm Start of the fights in the Fight category Self-defense

ca. 04:30 pm Start of the fights in the Fight category Drop school

06: pm End of first competition day

07:00 pm - Dinner party - SV Einheit Wittenberg, Platz der Jugend 2, 06886 Wittenberg (reservation via registration link; payment in advance)

Sunday, 02.06.2024

08:00 am Entry

09:00 am Weaponless form category

10:00  am Category General weapon shape

10:30 am Category long stick shape

11:30 am Sword shape category

01:00 pm Category Show

02:00 pm Category Break shape

03:00 pm Award ceremony and farewell

(Subject to changes in the programme)

Overnight stay:

Participants can stay overnight in local Wittenberg hostels/hotels or apartments. We would like to point out that you must make the booking yourself and should book in good time. For the smaller budget, participating groups have the option of staying overn ight on our training grounds from 31 May to 2 June 2024 (overnight stay in the hall for €8 per person per night including breakfast address: Platz der Jugend 2, 06886 Wittenberg please bring your own sleeping bags and sleeping mat).

The booking of the Dojang accommodation options can be made via the registration link on the website.

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